The Orphanage

The Academic School

The Home runs a full Primary school from nursery school till class eight.

The school has got 11 teachers who are paid by the sponsorship fund from the individual child. The school performance is ever above average among the private schools in the district. The school has inadequate sizes of classrooms built with tin iron sheets round the walls, where the children sit in congested rooms in the hot heat. You may want to donate a fund for a permanent classroom. You can donate towards Primary school building project.

The High School

This year 2015, we re-opened the high school section in the mission for the best students who aim for higher studies in other classical levels. We are still giving to our students the Christian based  background of learning. We are in need of more classrooms   for these students who are completing their class 8 each year. There are some of these bright students who aim to take teaching college certificates that can come back and give it back to the mission.


The Polytechnic School (Trade School)

Due the much unemployment in the country , it is the vision of the home to offer different hand-work skills incorporation with modern technologies that will enable them to  earn a living for themselves and their future families.

In the year 2012, the Construction of the polytechnic school was begun, that has 12 spacious workshop halls where these trades will be offered to our youths in the home. In order to alleviate poverty in the society, we will also invite the underprivileged and many idle  school dropouts from the community to benefit from the training school.

The Polytechnic is still underway as funds have not come in to finish the flooring, Painting and furnishing of shelving and cabinets. If you may feel impressed to donate a fund towards the completion and facilitation of this trade school, you can donate on

Trade School project

Transitional Home/ Exit Strategy for the senior adults

 As these children get older at least 18 years and above, , there is greater need to prepare them emotionally, physically, and spiritually on how to step out of the children’s home, ready to start their own living in the Society. After very earnest prayers on this matter with Benson & Florence, the Lord opened a door for this mission to acquire a separate home, 25kms away from the Institution. This home was bought miraculously!!!!. Through our faithful donors, who contributed so much for the purchase of this home within couple months, this is now going to host 15-20 senior boys who are  getting ready for life. The home is a self contained house with 5 bedrooms, toilets, and a kitchen. The home has running water, electricity, and has good security on a stone perimeter wall around it. As these boys will be working in their different skills, this will be their quite home where they can come back in the evening and have rest.

It is our hope also, that soonest possible, there will be one coming for the Senior Girls who are still learning in the Institution This plan of exit to these dear young people will alleviate much burdens from the directors of the home. This new home was officially opened by the Duarte’s (our Sponsorship programmer) during their visit in Kenya on 7th August 2015. Our boys are very happy to live herein by themselves. They are very excited!!!.


Benson & Florence as parents of these boys, together with other stakeholders in the mission, professional counselors, will be visiting them from time to time, thus giving them more counsels and advices on real life.


All teachers working in the orphanage, in our Primary school, high school and the polytechnic are solely paid a very minimal salary of less than $100.00 per a month that comes from the sponsorship fund of the individual child; this leaves these full time trained teachers with no savings for him/her and for their immediate families. These teachers have a great passion to help our children to acquire academic learning, you may want to sponsor a teacher with a better salary of $ 160 a month, please write us an e-mail at: and get the name of the teacher, history and the photo and this will greatly motivate the teacher to work more for the children and students. Please go to the donate button and earmark your donation as: Wages for the teacher.