The New website for The Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage Ministries.

Dear Our Faithful supporters around the world,
Many Christian greetings from all of us here as the big family of the Fiwagoh Mission orphanage ministries in Nakuru- Kenya Africa.  May the Grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all.
It has been a quite a while since we communicated, though we believe you have always received our News reports that we have been mailing to you either directly from Kenya or from our USA contact in Illinois.
First of all, we are continually thanking each one of you in a especial way for your ever continued support through the always unceasing prayers and financial support that have placed us where we are today. We  do not take the credit but give all the Glory and Praises to our Heavenly Father and thank you  too for being a hand of help to this big task and  for standing behind the mission with your bountiful support.fiwagoh-website
This is to inform you that since three months ago, we have been constructing a New Fiwagoh Mission website that we shall use to upload our current and ongoing projects through  the given  page of the  News report and any missions’ updates and progresses made.  This new system to us will be applicable especially to those that have access to the internet. It is actually going to cut down our Postage expenses  that we have been incurring for the last  ,many years.
As soon as you notify to us that you do not need any more news reports via your mail, we will be happy to remove you from the mail contacts and will assume that you will be viewing our reports from the Website. Please inform us through a short e-mail if you prefer to get these News reports through our Website or by mail.
Please go to this New Website  and here you will get all the information you need about The Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage ministries in Kenya as well as the Youtube where you can access to all our DVDs documentaries.
Also,  as a way of creating awareness  to other people interested to know more about this mission, please share out the above  website address to your friends, neighbors , church members and co-workmates.  In this way, you will have supported us even much more.
We will be so glad to hear from you through the e-mails given in the new Website.
 Thank you once again for your continued support in this noble work and may God richly bless.
We remain your fellow servants of the Lord in Kenya,
Pastor  Benson  & Florence Nganga.