The History of the founders and location of the home

Job 8:7 ; Though thy beginning was small, yet thy later end should greatly increase.

benson-florenceBenson and Florence Nganga are the founders and the directors of this amazing children’s home center in Kenya, in the Nakuru County, Gilgil Sub county.The Home is located near L. Elementaita, which serves as an attraction site to tourists across the world, visitors and locals. People tour this place to see different species of birds, flamingos, pelicans and beautiful sceneries around it.

The home was founded 13 years ago by this young couple who by then lived in a two roomed rented house. This was the founding of the home that started  with only 1 child, to date marking with a population of more than 200 children.

Benson lost both of his parents at an early age, he never got a chance to see and be with his father and when at the age of 9, his mother died leaving him with two young sibling brothers Peter 3 and David 7 who at the said time fell under the care of their step grandmother who had 9 other children in a one roomed grass thatched house. Their step grandmother, was so mean, that she didn’t love them and so only after few days of their mother’s burial, the poor young children were  expelled from the house. Benson & his brothers ended up into the village street life.  For a period of 7 years they suffered from hunger, deprivation, cold as they scavenged for foods from dirty garbage bins, scraps of backs from the wild trees, and begging from one house to another for any remains of food in the pots and licking plates from people’s homes.

Benson landed into a good Christian family (Samaritan ) man who had 12 children in one room, he welcomed Benson to live as one of his children in the family, The said man turned the history of Benson’s life up to date. He took him to school, and he also taught him about God. At the age of 16, Benson promised God that when he would become a grown up , he would offer a Gift to God, and this Gift was to care for one street child and make a difference in His/ her life.

It was a long awaited dream for Benson till he was 27 when he married his dear wife Florence who both lived a very humble life from the scanty resources as full time bible workers depending upon God for daily supplies. It was again after 7 years of their married life of struggles and hustling, when Benson & Florence jumped out by faith to bring in their house an orphan child, Priscah 3 years whom they loved and cared for as one of their biological child. Here was the birth of the children’s home which started gradually growing up to 12 children in the two rented house.

As the  need for desperate children grew up, they were forced to move further into a bigger house where by faith they got 5 roomed house , the number of needy children grew up to 42 and they had no hope of getting a bigger house than this and so they had to pray to God to provide them with their own property, God opened a door for them to raise funds from individual, friends and well wishers who knew their struggles. They acquired their first acreage of 17 acres where they again by faith in the year  2007, started to build up the home for the children. The construction of the boys and girls’ dormitories, the kitchen, main house and the dining hall   were completed in December 2009, when the whole family of 110 children with 25 staffs moved from five rooms into the present location of the home. Currently (2015) the home has a population of 232 children.

Fiwagoh Mission for Orphanage & schools is legally licensed and Registered by the Government of Kenya under the Society Act and as a Charitable Children’s Institution (CCI)