Testimonials about Our Orphans

Joseph Wangila was born on November 11, 2000 and is currently 17 years old. The boy was evicted by his step father from his home at the age of 7 after his mother ran away. His new step mother didn’t want him around the house. So Joseph ended up in the street where he was found scavenging and loitering in the city. The police officers rescued him and brought him to a home to a juvenile remand home. This is where troubled, neglected and abandoned children are kept.

After about 4 years the government found out the Joseph was a well-behaved boy who needed an education. He was referred to Fiwagoh Orphanage Ministries for a home, care, love, protection and schooling. Joseph has not seen his mother for the last 9 years. Neither does he know who his father is.

Joseph has been a good example and a role model to other kids at our ministry. He has been with us for 7 years. During his time here, Joseph has demonstrated that he is always ready to help others get ready in the morning and we have rewarded him to be the “bell ringer,” which means he is the time-keeper. He is currently enrolled in the 7th grade and is receiving good grades. When he graduates, his ambition is to become an automobile mechanic. He is in need of a sponsor, so we are soliciting your prayers.