Sponsorship Program

Due to a lot of work involving both Benson & Florence in the running of the home and Ministry, the home has full time partner and faithful Mum who chipped in to help them in this so tireless job. For any questions in regard to child/children available for sponsorship, letters and gifts to the child, history of the child, FAQ on child sponsorship, please go to our page: Sponsor a child

There are no administration fees taken out of your sponsorship or donation funds that is sent for Fiwagoh Mission. 100% of your gifts are deposited into our Kenya Bank account every month and and our volunteers pay for postage fees and all the wire fees. Bless their hearts!

 You want to sponsor a child?

You can sponsor a child for its Food and Education at a fee of US $ 50.00 a month.

 Children Sponsorship fund, inquiries, and other donations can be sent to:

Fiwagoh Missions
PO Box 60
Thompsonville, IL 62890 USA

Home/phone: +1-618-627-2917
E-mail: fish144@gmail.com
Contact person: Marie Judd (Benson’s Adopted Mum)

Some Questions people have asked in regard to Sponsorship

1. Can I pick up a child of my choice from the Website?

Yes, and then let us know the name of the child and the FOH number. Go to our Sponsor a Child page for more information about each child.

2. Can I bring/ send a gift to my child/children and how?

Yes, you can always send a gift to your child/children, either by mail  to our USA contacts or directly to Kenya or sending funds to buy it in Kenya as some items cost much more for customs/duty charges   rather buy them locally and give to the child.

3. Can I communicate with my child/children? And how?

Yes, you can write a letter/ letters and mail it to our Kenyan Postal Address or email it to: bekfag@yahoo.com or bekmission@gmail.com and your letter will be printed and given or read to your child.

4. How do I make my payment for my child?

If you are in America and would like to use Money Order/ personal checks you can send it to the address above;

You can also send to our PayPal accounts at: bekfag@yahoo.com or bekmission@gmail.com

5. How often should I get reports of the progress of my child/children in regard to school, health and spiritual life?

At least after every 4 months, you will be getting a letter from us and from the child, short history and a new photo of your child.

6. How much is deducted from my sponsorship fund for the administration services?

No Administration fee at all. Mum Marie Judd forwards 100% to the Fiwagoh Mission Account in Kenya in every first of the month.

7. Will I get my receipts for my IRS taxes?

Yes, after every three months, you will be getting your receipts.

8. Can I share my contacts e.g. emails, phone numbers, Postal address to my child?

No, Please keep this as your confidential information, do not write these personal contacts in the letter of the child as this might bring a problem in the future to have your contacts spread all over in place.

9. How can I obtain my sponsored child’s life history?

You can contact the directors of the orphanage directly to obtain your child’s history at the following emails: bekfag@yahoo.com or bekmission@gmail.com

This is a hand written letter from one of the orphans in the home to their sponsor.
Children engaged in recreational activities.
Meal time!