Refugee Feeding Program

Since the Post Violence election in Kenya in the years between 2007-2008, whereby more than 2000 Kenyans lost their lives leaving other more than 500,000 homeless and destitute. There are among these old careworn grandparents who are still raising the children of their sons & daughters who died in the clashes. This has given the government of Kenya and some of the NGOs hard task of re-allocating some into new settlements, but there are still several hundreds of these especially surrounding us here in the Nakuru County that we must stretch our arms of help.refugee

Here also, the Fiwagoh ministries do frequent visits to assist with some cereal foods such as: Maize, Beans, Rice, and cooking Oil, soap and blankets especially to those still living in their plastic polythene tents. We do also share to them the used clothing, mattress, and household utensils as away to alleviate much of their sufferings