Our wish list project in 2018

 Please look at our long list of children waiting for a sponsor, these children need someone they can call Dad or Mum. Choose one and through you, this child will be much comforted.

  • The mission is in need of alternative power supply for home use.


  • Water filter: Our water from the Borehole is full of fluoride; the mission is need of Commercial water purifier so that we may cut down the drinking water bills from the company. We only use the borehole water for irrigation and cleaning purposes.


  • Volunteers: The Fiwagoh Mission is open to receive volunteers who can visit the home and volunteer for at least 1 week – 1 month in various skills e.g teaching, gardening, wood work, treating the sick children and staff, and also interacting socially with our children (this adds a smile on their faces)