Our Targets

familyThe target of Fiwagoh orphanage home is  to make a difference in one poor child that will in turn transform hundreds of lives. Our ultimate goal for these  abandoned, neglected and orphaned children, is to restore back to their lives the hope, joy and future by giving them an all round Christian education in morals , physical, spiritual and social training, thus equipping  the society with future strong leaders.

To earn a living in their future life, these young adults, must learn  practical hand on skills, such as: Carpentry, fine art & painting, Dress making, Shoes making, Automobile mechanics, Culinary (cooking & baking), Knitting, Embroidery, building & plumbing, and also other Ministerial work and Medical training.

Since the inception of the institution, more than 32 senior children have already acquired their trades’ skills and are ready for life.