Our Staff

The Lineup of the Mission’s Staff

staffThe Mission has a total number of 36 working staff, they include:

  • Teachers both in the primary & Form 1 section of the high school
  • Gardeners
  • Caregivers (Matron) in both boys and girls dormitories
  • Security guards
  • Cooks
  • Social worker
  • Store-keeper


All teachers working in the orphanage, Primary school, high school and the polytechnic are solely paid a very minimal salary of less than $100.00 per a month that comes from the sponsorship fund of the individual child; this leaves the full time trained teachers with no savings and for their immediate families. The teachers have a great passion to help our children acquire academic learning, you may want to sponsor a teacher with a better salary of $ 160 a month, please write us an e-mail at: bekfag@yahoo.com and get the name of the teacher, history and the photo and this will greatly motivate the teacher to work more for the children and students. Please go to the donate button and earmark your donation as: Wages for the teacher.