Heavy floods in Kenya

Last year 2017, we had the highest drought ever in the history of Kenya that greatly affected the masses of food plantations and loss of lives for most of the nomadic communities.

However, God provided our basic needs especially to all the Children homes in Kenya, and there was no any reported case of death to any humans due to hunger.

This year 2018, the situation has changed greatly, floods and unceasing rainfalls in many places of Kenya has claimed hundreds of lives, animals and loss of valuable properties,and has left thousands homeless and destitute of life comfort.


Of the most critical one was that of Solai village in Subukia sub-county, in Nakuru County which through the breaking of one of huge Water Reservoir Dams that belongs to an Indian business man Mr. Patel, which broke its banks and caused a turbulent force of water to came down the hilly villagers and swept a number of homes and who were people in their homes during night time and more than 50 people died in a space of 40 minutes. Many of our sponsors, donors and well-wishers were much concerned about this since they heard it over the international news and many messaged us or called to inquire the safety of our lives here in Fiwagoh, we assured them that that we were all safe. Praise the Lord!!! The incident took place at further distance of 1hour drive from us.

We need your prayers for all the affected families who lost their parents, children and spouses. Thank you so much for your prayers for these mourning families in the Nakuru County.