Gospel Outreach

outreachThe Fiwagoh Mission Ministries is an active ministry in Kenya in the work of spreading far and wide the Three Angeles messages to the people still unreached. Besides working for the poor in meeting their physical needs, the ministry is also engaged to reach the spiritual needs of many people in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania. With the help of the 15 full time Bible workers, these busy workers for the Lord, go out in the remote villages, streets, and from house to house, running spiritual campaigns to share the Gospel commission as given in Mathew 28:19-20 and Revelation 14:6-12.

To furnish these workers with the outreach literatures, we are also doing the printing work of present truth tracts, brochures, leaflets as free handout to the spiritually hungry people. After planting the small house /home churches in different localities, it is our desire also to build small houses of worship where these faithful can assemble for worship. There is also a great need of both  English and Swahili Bibles to share out to those who cannot afford to buy one in the shop.