Get Involved

Fundraising Campaigns

You can fund raise for the Fiwagoh mission using your God given talents and opportunities wherever you may be, either in the family circle, in the churches, in clubs, and schools, you can ask from us,   for any current urgent projects that you can raise funds for, e.g. Building projects, Bibles, School shoes, Fabric, Stationery, Farm tools, workshop tools, refugee camps etc. you may also campaign for prayers for this mission. There is power in prayers of the saints.


Volunteers are welcomed : You can involve yourself in organizing a group of 2 -30 volunteers  who  are willing  to  visit and volunteer in various home activities here in the mission, we welcome the following types of expertise to volunteer and help our children both young and old children in the Home.

  1. Professional wood workers (Carpenters)
  2. Professional Plumbers
  3. Professional Masons and builders
  4. Professional Doctors and Nurses
  5. Professional cooks and Chefs
  6. Professional gardeners and Farmers
  7. Professional Teacher in schools
  8. Professional counselors for  the affected children


Make a Donation

Sponsorship program does not always cover all the needs of the home.

You can send a free will donation to cover other needs to run other daily expenses of the home. There are many needs in the home that always need funding. You can always earmark you donation to specify a particular need and we will appropriate it to where you best want it to go. And if you do not prefer this, then tell us as best as you see applicable. Go to our donate button.


Sponsor A Child

You may ask from the Duarte’s which child is free for sponsorship. The full Sponsorship fee for a normal child   is US $ 75.00 per a month; an HIV child is US$ 120.00 you may also opt to share a child with someone i.e “Sharing sponsorship” at a fee of US 40.00 a month, and this will also cover food, school, caregivers and medical expenses.

If you may not choose to sponsor a particular child on monthly basis, you can still donate a fund that will go to help special needs to some special children. We have 8 HIV/Aids children whose health sometimes fluctuates from time to time. Other children we do have that had badly physically and mentally abused these too, need special care and treatment. For more enquiries   and donations to these special needs for the children, please contact our Sponsorship program.
www.fiwagohmissions. .org