Fund a Project

You can fund for a project in the mission; we are currently carrying on with the underway, unfinished projects:

1) Main Chapel
After stepping out by faith, we started the project of constructing of this Main Church building here in the mission.  Since then, we have seen the mighty hand of God working for this project. This Chapel will greatly help us to run our annual Camp meetings, with all the church members and the children and staffs as well.
This chapel will house 700-800 people. We are in the finishing point of this main Church. We are lacking funds for the flooring and Painting only. Please if you feel impressed to finish this work, send your donation earmarked  as: Chapel.
2) Junior children’s wing

We have already gotten some donations towards this project, of which we want to finish it soon and get all the junior children separated from the main dormitories and herein, these little juniors will have a caring mother who will be catering for them. And later after it is finished, we need new beds and bedding for each child in the wing.

3) Permanent Perimeter wall around the home premises.
There is need for a continuance perimeter block wall around the mission compound.
Please assist us to finish the wall for protection of the home against the intruders and bad animals from the lake nearby.
4)Installation of the Solar panel (Alternative source of power)