1. Where is it located in Kenya?

The Mission home is located on the Nakuru-Nairobi Main Highway, 32 kms from Nakuru City about 400 meters from the main road near Lake Elementaita and Pelican Lodge in the Gilgil Sub- county in the  Nakuru County. (Elementaita Lake is a small salty with unclean water, where the children and the family of  Fiwagoh  enjoy seeing natural environment of different species of  birds, flamingos, pink & white, Pelicans and beautiful hills)
Currently the home is allocated on 24 acres of land with a borehole of water that generates sufficient water both for domestic use and for irrigation purposes. The primal goal for the mission is to become self sustainable through irrigation farming and cultivation of the land.

2.What is the Mission and Vision of the institution?

It is the mission of Fiwagoh to cater and foster for the needier, neglected, abandoned, vulnerable and total orphans in Kenya, thus to inspire these children and youth with all moral, intellectual and spiritual powers in preparation to become upright citizens of Kenya and the world at large. As a way of becoming self dependent,, the mission is also offering  these boys and girls, with  various practical  hand-on trade and manual skills that will enable them earn their own livelihood support in future.

Our vision is to reinstate the moral standards of living to the peoples and children in Kenya and Africa, by suppressing the human suffering that is brought through the strong tide of current of the widespread corruption that amounts to the demoralized state of child abuse, indolence, immorality and the increase of crimes among our young youths in the country. (To make a difference, it’s our vision)

3.What is the motto and watch word of the mission?

Train, Educate and discipline a child for a better future and glorious generation.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

4.What categories of children does the institution take?

From ages 3-10, both boys and girls regardless of health status, but not disabled. Certified information from the guardian or court orders from the Department of Children or from the Police Department must also be accompanied with supportive documents to ascertain that the child is illegible for help.

5.What does the institution offer to the children admitted in the home?

Fall basic needs including full primary (Elementary) education, Christian discipline through  morning and evening bible devotional services,. Christian counseling through God fearing parents and guardians, recreation activities after school studies such as natures walks, manual hand activities, gardening Later in their teenage youth, practical and hand-on skills such as carpentry, sewing, knitting, farming, nutritional cooking & baking, computer  Information Technology, motor vehicle mechanics, painting and fine art, building & plumbing, Ministerial work and others.

6.What’s the condition of these children before being admitted to the home?

Most of them look physically deformed, pale, retarded in growth, mentally tortured through different abuses, unhappy looks  and hopeless. Some seem to be very defensive, notorious and misbehaving. But with the love and Christian nurture given by the foster parents in the home and the entire mission staffs, then their lives are drastically changed. The directors of the home treat these children as their own..

7.Does the institution have a sponsorship program to an individual child and at how much?

Yes there are two types of sponsorship i.e Full sponsorship and half sponsorship,

You can sponsor a child in the home for its living, food, education, medical and caregivers at a fee of US $ 75.00 per a child per month,

half sponsorship is US $ 40.00 per a month; i.e is to say that you will share the child with another sponsor. An HIV child is $120.00 per month.

You can also sponsor a child for a Trade School Course: this will depend on which trade the student is taking as these courses vary in fees and duration taken:

 Children Sponsorship inquiries

Fiwagoh Mission Society
P.O. Box 60,
Thompsonville, Ill 62890 .USA

Home/phone: + 1-618-627-2917
E-mail: fish144@gmail.com
Contact person: Marie Judd(Benson’s Adopted Mum)

Website: www.thefiwagohorphanageministries.org//sponsorship

8. What other activities does the Fiwagoh mission carry out besides the orphanage home?

The name Fiwagoh is an acronym  that carries the real features and beliefs of the mission.
FIWAGOH means: Final warning Gospel and Health Mission

  • The Mission is also an active evangelistic  ministry in Kenya and East Africa that presents to the people the word of God through its  trained and full time  Bible workers and colporteurs who go  to the streets  and homes  and villages sharing the gospel invitation to the people in need.
  • Printing and distributing the gospel literature to those hungry for  the word of God  is part of the  Fiwagoh’s mission activities.
  • The mission also creates the awareness on the lifestyles of living to the people thus by teaching them on how to eat, drink and do all to the glory of God. Go to the Gospel Outreach