Newly Received Children

Dear faithful sponsors from around the world, have a look at the faces of the new children from the street villages who have been suffering from lack of proper feeding, education and someone to love. They joined the Fiwagoh family a month ago. Praise the Lord, that they too have the opportunity, to share God's love and blessings with the Fiwagoh family.  This chance was offered to them due to the exit of 16 senior boys that were promoted to their own transitional home termed the" Jeremiah home" ...

Staff Quarters

All our Staff members at the Fiwagoh Home are praising the Lord for the new houses built for them which are almost finished. The 35 staff members have been renting houses to live in from the nearby villages where they have been walking or traveling a distance to come and serve the mission home. This has made their work  wearisome and too expensive and time wasting as they walked to the mission center in order to serve our children. We are all so much grateful for the faithful donor who don...

Brian Duarte

Since my first visit to the Fiwagoh mission home, I have seen God’s intervention of blessings to this home, through the leadership of Pastor Benson & his wife Florence, the children are well behaved, mannered and well disciple through the word of God.

Benson Nganga

Some people have asked me - Benson, why do you aim and ask for big things, bigger than you really are? Then this is what I tell them, I am a very small and simple instrument, but I have a big God, and so, I believe in the BIG God who only is able to do BIG things.” Benson Nganga Director Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage

Suzanne Healy

I became aware of the wonderful work of Benson and Florence Nganga and the Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage. Soon after I agreed, together with a small group of other Fiwagoh supporters, to embrace the idea of sending a shipping container of much needed goods from Brisbane Australia. The container left in June 2010 and was very well received at the orphanage in September. As I have continued to be involved I have learned a lot about Florence and Benson and their work. I have such admiration for what ...

The History of the founders and location of the home

Job 8:7 ; Though thy beginning was small, yet thy later end should greatly increase. Benson and Florence Nganga are the founders and the directors of this amazing children’s home center in Kenya, in the Nakuru County, Gilgil Sub county.The Home is located near L. Elementaita, which serves as an attraction site to tourists across the world, visitors and locals. People tour this place to see different species of birds, flamingos, pelicans and beautiful sceneries around it. The home was founded 1...