The New Transition on Children Sponsorship

Dear Our Faithful children sponsors in USA. Many Christian greetings from all of us here in Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage Ministries. Since the 1st of May 2016, we made some transitional changes on our sponsorship program   which has been with the Duarte’s & Carol in CA USA, now we have moved it to our adopted Mum in Illinois. We believe this change was necessary for the smooth running of the children's home. Please bear with us kindly for this short notice of the changes. Those who are always...

Nahashon & Mathew recovering

Our Two boys who were involved in a car Accident on the 20th  March 2016, Nahashon and Mathew are almost recovering. Only Mathew who needs couple more weeks to be removed the Metals from his broken hand. Thank you so much for your unceasing prayers for these boys who almost lost their lives. These prayers have brought back the lives of these two young people

The Ongoing Junior’s home construction.

Since  September last year, we got some donations to carry on with this juniors  wing, but now we are stuck for lack of funds on the second last phase of it  , we need to do plastering/rendering  so that we can prepare to move in these little children before the end of this year. If you may have a donation towards this project please earmark it as Juniors Wing and click on our Donate button.

The New website for The Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage Ministries.

Dear Our Faithful supporters around the world, Many Christian greetings from all of us here as the big family of the Fiwagoh Mission orphanage ministries in Nakuru- Kenya Africa.  May the Grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all. It has been a quite a while since we communicated, though we believe you have always received our News reports that we have been mailing to you either directly from Kenya or from our USA contact in Illinois. First of all, we are continually thanking each one of you in...

Our Long awaited Container from USA now on the way!

Dear faithful supporters especially in USA, today the 22nd of September 2015, we have very good news to you, that our 40ft container which we have waited for more than 3 years has finally started it's long journey to Kenya in Fiwagoh. Thank you so much for your unceasing prayers for this shipment that has really taken lot of time to fill and get ready for shipment, but we must give our much thanks to the Rein Robertson's family in CA for their entire dedication of much time and money as well tow...